One does not simply go back and adjust to civilian life when they loved the military life so much. 1 note

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If I’m the only girl you ever had

I guess I can’t be the best

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Anonymous asked:
why are you so sad now?

Imagine going into the military, being top of everything you do and even giving more than ten percent of your total strength only to be betrayed by your own government and separating you from the Armed Forces for a stupid mental health reason, while the person in your class who violated an operational security rule (which if it was a real operation that could have endangered the lives of many American) was kept in the military. The man failed his physical tests and kept going on an unauthorized absence almost all the time was seemingly more valuable than the person who has done everything for the country.

Not only that, they took away my clearances, my benefits, forced me to pay for a plane ticket ride home and placed a lifetime Armed Forces of the US ban on you so I can’t re-enlist if I wanted to.

And if I had a chance to, they took away my eligibility for another clearance, making it impossible for a person to even go into the Armed Forces if he wanted to have a Special Forces contract.

When you get home to a city and state that hates the military with a passion, they will make sure that they won’t let you get a job and if you’re not from the same culture as they are from, you are segregated and your life is already having a hard time getting another job in the civilian world.

That is why I have been sad because I am returning to a life that I am not looking forward to.

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